Company History

EcoTech Recycling, LLC was established in May 2008. The Company operations are headquartered in a 25,000 sq. ft. facility at the Port of Kalama, WA. The core focus of EcoTech is the recycling of precious and non-precious metal scrap generated from all aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing process; both on the wafer manufacturing, or front end side of the business, and the back end, or assembly stage of the manufacturing process. EcoTech supports a wide array of customers located both domestically and internationally.

EcoTech also promotes the recycling and reuse of silicon wafers, non-semiconductor manufacturing scrap, wood products, cardboard and plastics.

The Kalama facility supports the easy access from the Port Of Tacoma/Seattle, I-5 Corridor, The Port of Portland and Vancouver, The Portland International Airport, and the greater Portland Metropolitan Semiconductor area known as the Silicon Forest.