Company Goal

It is EcoTech’s goal to provide excellence to our customers, vendors and suppliers by participating in the world’s best customer service and the highest integrity that can be offered. We strive to offer fair and competitive pricing, exceptional quality and competitive lead-times for prime and test silicon wafers of all diameters, and to partner with international customers and suppliers resulting in exclusive recycling opportunities with polysilicon scrap and crystalline salvage.

It is also our goal to include recycling of all industry materials, and reclaim and development of new and compelling technologies for future industry application and needs. We are dedicated to serving high technology industry niche markets by providing services other reclaim providers cannot or will not do. We have the flexibility and are open to exploring new areas of reclaim interest by our customers.

Mission Statement

EcoTech Recycling is committed to maintaining a “GREEN” manufacturing and distribution facilities. It is our intent that all possible materials used can be recycled for purposes of improving the environment, reducing landfill waste, conservation of energy.

We are also excited to take the opportunity to participate in the economic growth and development of our communities by providing local areas the unique employment opportunities. We will strive to support the diversified economic growth of our communities by continuing the future growth of EcoTech Recycling.